Blacktop Sky

By Ira Aldridge Repertory Players (other events)

8 Dates Through Jun 25, 2017

IRA ALDRIDGE REPERTORY PLAYES in collaboration with SAN DIEGO CONTINUING EDUCATION DIVISION, EDUCATIONAL CULTURAL COMPLEX proudly presents San Diego premiere of BLACKTOP SKY, by Christina Anderson and directed Calvin Manson and assistant director Vimel Sephus.


After witnessing police harass a fellow resident of the housing projects, 18-year-old Ida (Tina Machele Brown) befriends Klass (Wrekless Watson), an unpredictable young homeless man she finds sleeping on a bench between the institutional high-rises. As their unlikely friendship grows, Ida must choose whether to embrace the struggle for justice within her neighborhood, or to chase a new life elsewhere with her upwardly mobile boyfriend, Wynn (Kendrick Dial.)